Sunday, February 10, 2019

Rene Beauclair Art Nouveau French Studio Pottery Quimper Odetta Vase

Art Nouveau French Studio Pottery Quimper Odetta Vase

This beautiful little Art Nouveau Vase was made between 1925-36,
most likely by Rene Beauclair at the Henriot Faience Factory, France. 

The Odetta style, which was owned soley by the Henriot Factory became wildly popular, so much so that it won the 1925 Exhibition Grand Prix.

It is said that its popularity was due to the French appreciation of the mixture of Celtic and local primitivism ... especially "a la Bretonne" ... which included esoteric Celtic geometric shapes.

The Odetta design was terminated in 1936.

The marks to the base include the RH for the Henriot factory;
then perhaps a shape number '648'

Height 9.5cm/3.75". Widest Diameter 6.5cm/2.5" 

Amazingly, it is in excellent condition without cracks, scratches or chips. 

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