Saturday, October 27, 2018

Alphonse Cytere UNIS France Antique gres flammes pottery

This was about to be thrown away! So I took it home with me to find out anything about it.

I found out that it was made by Alphonse Cytere (1861-1941) at the Ecole de Nancy (of which he was a founding member circa 1925). 

One of his "claims to fame" was to create a specific metal lustre on ceramics ... which became known as "grés flammes de Rambervillers".

This is one example of his lustre glazes.

The marks include a lozenge stamp which reads "UNIS FRANCE" - which stands for "Union Nationale Inter Syndicate".
Underneath is what appears to be squared prarenthese "[]"
And underneath that is Alphonse Cytere's signature stamp.

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