Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Pierre Digan Goma glaze Stoneware Lamp Base 1970's

Pierre Digan 1943-2016

Pierre Digan began to produce what has been called "Digan Grès" (Digan Stoneware) in his atelier in La Borne, Cher in France during the 1970's. This range soon became very popular, and gave him an international reputation for innovation and versatility undertaken with incredible skill. 

He seemed to be able to turn his creative flare to just about everything - ranging from turning ceramics in Vallauris to creating restaurants in the Loire region. He is especially noted for his monumental sculptures in stone or metal. 

This stoneware lamp base is from those prolific 70's . Its simplicity belies the complexity of the final piece - sensual, elegant, extremely tactile.

It stands 20cm high by 25cm diameter. He employed the "goma" glaze, a Japonese recipe that resembles sesame seeds.

It has his impressed mark near the base.

Price: 900€ plus shipping

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