Monday, September 10, 2018

Mid Century Modern Grès Flammé Vase by Alphonse Mouton

Little is known of Alphonse Mouton other than he was born in 1900, and he ran a pottery workshop in Saint Vallier in the Drôme region, south east France from the 1930s to 80s. 

Most of his ceramics were in the 'Grès Flammé' style, using light and deep blues that are then subjected to a firing that produces the 'flame' effects - and changes some of the colours to subtle yellow ochres in this case. 

These are signed 'ALPHO' plus the shape number. In this case the number is '131'.

Height 14cm Diameter 15cm. Both of these are in excellent condition - no chips, cracks, or scratches.

Price: 30€ each (plus shipping)
50€ for the pair (plus shipping)

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