Sunday, September 9, 2018

Vintage Nerikomi Neriage Agateware Dish by Jean Gerbino

Jean Gerbino was born in 1876 in Sicily. 

He started turning pots in 1902 at Les Massier in Vallauris.

In 1919 he began to learn the ancient Japanese technique of  'Nerikomi' or 'Neriage'. By 1930 he had perfected it and began to produce a totally unique style of pottery, and he went on to become one of France's most celebrated potters of the mid 20th century. 

Whilst a number of other potters in Vallauris emulated certain aspects of Picasso's ceramic works, Gerbino determined to create his own inimitable pieces which eventually turned out to be most popular in the 70's, inspiring exiting new pottery from a growing number of potters such as Dorothy Feibleman and Chris Campbell.

He died in 1966.

This dish shows the incredible patience required to produce such a detailed work, in which different coloured clays were stacked together and cut to create a specific pattern. The finished ceramic had to dry thoroughly - over a long period of time. Then it was covered in a clear glaze - fired ... then fired again!

The stamps underneath are 'Gerbino' and 'VALLAURIS (A.M.)'. The AM, having appeared on many Vallauris pots, has been an enigma for a number of collectors, thinking that it might have stood for the initials of a potter ... such as A. Massier ... but the reality is a little more mundane - for AM stood for 'Alpes-Maritime' ... which was the old designation of the Department where Vallauris was situated.

This dish was most likely made in the 50's, and is still in excellent condition with no chips, scratches, or cracks.

Height 3cm Diameter 11.5cm

Price 180€
plus shipping

I am happy to discuss any serious offers.

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