Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Escapee Brutalist Crank Experimental Vase

Experiments from potteries are unique attempts at coming up with new ideas and designs. 

In this case part of the experiment was to produce a vase with a crank clay. Crank clay is a hand building clay body that contains a gritty substance (known as grog) to give the body strength (as well as look good ... and/or different!).

It is normal for the potter to try different combinations to produce different results. Those combinations - firing codes, materials used, timings, etc - are sometimes written on the base ... as is on this pot. These pieces are not often put up for sale.

The writing here is:

A7 (T)
5PY or SPY

So, A7 is a code; T stands for T material - an adaptive clay that is well used in raku and wood firing. It can be seen as the off-white flecks in the pot.
5PY/SPY ... perhaps another code ... or even the potters mark.

This has been superbly thrown and turned ... and fired. There are all the marks of a very confident hand at work resulting in a wonderfully singular brutalist vase - with attitude. Love it!

It  proudly stands 13.5cm and its widest diameter is 14.5cm

It is in excellent condition - no scratches, chips, or cracks.

Price: For a totally unique work - 150€
plus shipping

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