Monday, September 24, 2018

Bruno Guerin Ovoid Stoneware Vase

I have little information about Bruno Guerin. Apparently, he is not related to Roger Guerin of Bouffioulx, the celebrated art-deco ceramicist.

I do know that he stopped potting in 2011.

However, he continued to use his ceramic skills at the Annual Cognac Blues Passions Festival. 

Specifically, he created ceramic footprints (in terracotta) of well known musicians who played at the Festival each year. After acquiring a number of these bare footed "prints" he then used them in an art installation in collaboration with other artists which continues to be shown each year.

This beautifully made ovoid vase is the only ceramic piece I have seen that bares his name. Therefore, it seems to be quite a rare find.

It shows the skills of a fine ceramicist - lightweight, well balanced, elegant design, the glaze has been carefully applied.

It has his GB sgrafitto mark and a paper label with his name and address in Cognac. It is possible that the address was where his workshop was situated (it is now a private house).

It is 14cm high by 12cm in diameter.

It is in excellent condition - no scratches, chips, or cracks.

Price: 120€ plus shipping

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