Friday, August 17, 2018

Strehla Keramik Vase 1960's with Volcanic or Lava glaze

This molded vase was made at Strehla Veb, Dresden, East Germany sometime in the 1960's.

Strahla began producing pottery in 1828 until it closed in 1989. 

This particular style includes a type of volcanic or lava slip glaze.

It has an obscured white stamp on the base, but is easily recognisable by the shape - which reads:

Made in GDR

There is also a style number inscribed which is almost totally immersed under the glaze.

This vase is in excellent condition. No scratches, cracks, or chips.

Height 183mm
Width 80mm

Price: 25€

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I will tell you the added postage cost once you inform me of the destination.

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