Saturday, August 11, 2018

Steve Harland Polperro Pottery - Small Cream Jug

This unassuming, but very attractive little cream jug has been confidently and expertly made by Steve Harland at Polperro Pottery sometime after 1974 and the early 80's.

He began working at Polperro Pottery with Frank Robinson until Robinsons death in 1974. Then Roberta Norris took over the pottery and the mark changed from a simple P to a rather complex mixture possibly based upon the intials of Frank and Angie (his wife) Robinson, and Roberta Norris.

One quirky observation ... Steve Harlands chop mark on this pot, an S and H, has been reversed ... making it a bit of a challenge to recognise, but other examples of his work show his unique chop the right way round.

Height 7.5cm
Width (excluding handle) 6.5cm

In excellent condition - no chips, cracks, or scratches.

Price: 30€

You can pay simply and securely via Paypal.
Worldwide postage included.
This will be protected in bubble-wrap
and double corrugated cardboard.

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