Friday, August 10, 2018

Lindumuso Mabaso - decorated stoneware Vase Rorkes Drift

This finely decorated stoneware vase was made by Lindumuso Mabaso at Rorkes Drift Pottery in Southern Africa in 1998.
This is the very spot of the famous battle which was eventually turned into the classic film "Zulu".

The vase is decorated with local characters and events ... and wonderfully crafted.
Lindumuso Mabaso is just one of many crafts people to emerge from this hideaway arts centre, and his work is now,
understandably, fetching high prices as demand for his work grows.
There are three different marks on the base:
1. "L.M." has been painted on by Lindumuso Mabaso himself.
2. The "leaf" pattern is the mark for Rorkes Drift Pottery.
3. The code is a later addition - which can be removed.
"R" stands for the firing. "A" is the first firing of the year,
so it is possible that that "R" is an August firing.
"34" means that this is the thirty fourth vase of this style during the year of manufacture.
"98" is the year of manufacture.
The painted imagery is fascinating and created by a master craftsman. Possibly a narrative that includes an armed being
(possibly a shape shifting shaman); a four legged beast; and two trees.
This is in excellent condition - no scratches, chips, or cracks.
Dimensions: 6.25 inches high/158mm high
Widest diameter 5 inches/128mm.

Price: 375€
worldwide postage included

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