Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Karin and Walther Zander Stoneware Round Bottom Pouring Bowl

This stoneware pouring bowl, or spaghetti teller, was made by Karin (1941-2008)and Walther (1938-2007) Zander at their studio in Drage, Germany. The glaze is called "Eisblau".

Although the "spout" works very well for pouring, it is in fact for resting a spoon or fork on.

This particular plate was probably made in the late 80's or early 90's.
They both began to work together in 1972 in Hamburg, then moved to an old farmhouse in Fahrenholz. Walther experimented with glazes and produced all the paint work, while Karin throw the pots.

Early experiments with glazing techniques for vessels and building ceramics as well as the collaboration with architects soon led to numerous murals and reliefs, which adorn Hamburg buildings
to this day. 

Sadly, Walther died in 2007 and Karin passed away in 2008.
Walther and Karin Zander are considered one of the best-known North German ceramists.

This bowl is marked underneath with the Zanders distinctive sgraffito signature.

W, K, and Z can be made out quite easily ... I am not sure what the rest of the mark means ... one part looks like a 7.

This is in excellent condition - no scratches, chips, or cracks.

3.75 inches high/96mm high.
Widest diameter: 9.5 inches/235mm.

Price: 275 Euros (or the equivalent in GB Pounds or US Dollars)
Worldwide postage included.

You may simply and securely pay now
by debit/credit card via PayPal.

This work will be protected by bubble wrap
then packed with strong corrugated cardboard.

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