Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Karin and Erling Heerwagen - Studio Pottery Bird Figurine

Studio Pottery Figurine byKarin and Erling Heerwagen

This stoneware slipware bird figurine was made by Karin and Erling Heerwagen  at their studio in Lohals, 
on Langeland Island, Denmark in 1987.

Karin and Erling Heerwagen have both been potting in the early 60's
with Bjorn Wiinblad. In 1968 they married and began an unique partnership within the Danish ceramic world.

Their work - ranging from small figurines such as this attractive bird up to life size sculptural forms of animals,
humans, and plants  - employs a very strong style.

Their handwritten mark "E.K Heerwagen DANMARK 1987"
can be clearly seen on the base.

This is in excellent condition - no scratches, chips, or cracks.

Height: 3.75 inches/96mm.
Width: 3.5 inches/88mm.
Depth: 3.5/88mm.


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