Monday, August 20, 2018

Denbac Water Pitcher circa 1930

This art-nouveau style water pitcher was made at Denbac between 1921 and 1935 at the pottery.

Denbac was started by René Denert, an artist and ceramist who began making pottery in 1908. In 1921 he partnered with René-Louis Balichon, and using a play on their names came up with the unique name.

Local grey clay was used along with a flame pattern of glazes known as “gres flamme” and distinctive crystalline glazes. These complex colour mixes and glazes, plus the many different hand pressed molded work became the hall-mark of Denbac.

Unfortunately, by the end of World War 2 and the death of both partners, the Pottery finally closed down in 1952.

This particular piece, with its muted tones of sage green and grey, utilises the manual technique of hand pressing around the neck ... specifically the French national emblem - the Cockerel.

It is clearly stamped underneath 'Denbac' and the style number '68'.

Considering that this pitcher is about one hundred years old, it is in surprisingly excellent condition, with no scratches, chips, or cracks.

Height: 140mm
Length (including handle and spout): 185mm
Width: 130mm

Price: 75€
(excluding postage - let me know the destination, then I will email you the total price) 

You can simply and safely pay via Paypal.

This will be protected with bubble wrap and double corrugated cardboard.

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