Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Aki Moriuchi - Tall Studio Pottery Volcanic glaze Vase

This tall leaning stoneware vase was made by Aki Moriuchi either at her Barnet or Edgware studio, anytime from 1991 up until she stopped potting early in 2007.

This vase has had a number of volcanic glazes and
trailed porcelain slips applied to it, and has been high-fired more than once to achieve this stunning sculptural effect.

Aki Moriuchi was born in Japan but has lived in the UK since 1971,
she is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain,
and has built up a considerable reputation. Many of her pieces are based upon
Japanese items - and her work will be in
greater demand now that she has retired from potting.

An interesting bit of provenance to this particular piece is that
it was last owned by Roman Abramovich -

the present owner of Chelsea football club.

Aki Moriuchi's personal mark is underneath.

This is in excellent condition - with no scratches, cracks, or chips.
Dimensions: 23.25 inches high/59cm high
Widest diameter: just under 5.75 inches/143mm.


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