Saturday, August 18, 2018

Aegean Large Poole Pottery Vase by Allen White

This large Poole vase has been thrown and turned with extreme precision, and seeing as it bears the mark AW, it must undoubtedly be by the hand of the master potter Allen White.

Everything about it has been professionally executed and finished. And the Aegean pattern has been painstakenly rendered. It is simply an elegant and totally unique piece.

Apart from the AW for Allen White the base marks include 'AEGEAN' for the design name; '84' for the design number; and of course the 'POOLE ENGLAND' impressed stamp.

Although I have seen a few other pieces of Aegean, I have not come across this shape. What is even more enigmatic is that all the vases that I have seen that are shape number 84 are not this shape! Am I missing something here?

Height: 235mm
Widest Diameter: 140mm

It is in excellent condition - no scratches, cracks, or chips.

Price: 175€ (excluding postal costs)

You can pay simply and securely via Paypal

Should you be interested in obtaining this, then please tell me the destination and I will then email you the total cost.

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