Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Vintage Pottery Cylinder Vase Poterie de la Colombe France

Here is a fine and sturdy stoneware cylinder vase from
la Poterie de le Colombe, Vallauris, France.

This vase, made during the 60's-70's stands 19cm/7.5" high
with a diameter of 7cm/2.75".

It is in excellent condition - no chips, scratches, or cracks.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

French Faience Beaker Martine Zelko-Durrenberger UPDATED

This is a fine piece of contemporary French Faience.
It is produced by Martine Zelko-Durrenberger.

It stands 11.5cm/4.5" high. Diameter 9cm/3.5"

Thursday, November 1, 2018

A Dumler and Brieden vase - Mid Century Craziness!

I know this is not a studio pot but I just had to acquire it - and show it to you.

I am not sure why I like it ... but I suppose it is because of the uniqueness of the piece, the very 60's look, the clean lines.

I will try and find out more but for the moment I leave it for you to see.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Large Vintage Studio Pottery Lamp Base -UPDATE 2

Isn't it amazing! I came to France twelve years ago ... and I still have boxes in "the barn" to unpack!!

...And here is one of my "discoveries".

This is a large (12"/30cm high by 10"/25.5cm) Studio Pottery Lamp base superbly hand thrown and turned. But who made it?

I am going to find out ... I hope!

UPDATE ... The mark is KP (with the front of a gondola image, plus "MADE IN ENGLAND". This is a retailers stamp ... in this case likely Grayshott ... I've contacted them in the hope that they might shed some more light ... stay tuned!

UPDATE 2 ... I contacted Mick Dixon who used to work for Grayshott 1970-74 ... and he confirmed that it was either done by him or Roy Saywell. The KP almost definitely stands for Kingwood Pottery, the retail name for all hand thrown ceramics coming from Grayshott.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tenmoku Ribbed Studio Pottery Bowl marked

Tenmoku Ribbed Studio Bowl marked

I have had this tucked away for years, and now it is time to find out who made it.

Although there is a similarity to the works of Edward Hughes ... and even Derek Clarkson's work has the same professional feel ... but I am not confident it is either of theirs.

So who made it?

I am trying to find out right now ...

Monday, October 29, 2018

Salt glazed stoneware beaker - Roland Bottani Katrin Dechaud

A fine example of salt glaze firing, along with very controlled slip trail work.

It reminds me of Jane Hamlyn ... but the mark is not hers. Other good salt glaze potters such as Walter Keeler and Peter Starkey have their own inimitable styles ... and this is not one of theirs.

So I shall have to dig deeper ...

UPDATE 6/11/18

This beaker was made by Roland Bottani and Katrin Dechaud in the
pottery atelier that once belonged to Pierre Digan in La Borne France.
This partnership began in 1987.